Scott Sivakoff

Original Music

Scott's original music is a mix of folk, folk-rock, rock and blues. Music is a huge part of Scott's life and personality. His songwriting is heavily influenced by Harry, Tom and Steve Chapin. In addition, he credits John McCutcheon, Jim Croce, John Hiatt and Bruce Springsteen as influences.

Scott's latest release (available late April 2014), Are You Listening To Me?, features 11 original songs along with 2 cover songs. Are You Listening To Me? focuses on the common desires to make a difference and have an influence on the world.

The CD is available at Scott's concerts, and online at CD Baby.!

Are You Listening To Me? Lyrics and Sound Clips:

1. Just Another Guy With A Guitar Lyric Sound Clip
2. Dingy Hotel Lyric Sound Clip
3. Eyesore Over 86th Street Lyric Sound Clip
4. Rusty Rails Lyric Sound Clip
5. Just Stuff Lyric Sound Clip
6. The One That I Found Lyric Sound Clip
7. Make A Choice Lyric Sound Clip
8. Lily's Birthday Song Lyric Sound Clip
9. Lily's Lullaby Lyric Sound Clip
10. Top Of The World Lyric Sound Clip
11. Sniper Lyric Sound Clip
12. Twilight Lyric Sound Clip
Bonus Tracks:
1. Lily's Birthday Song (With Lily Vocal) Lyric Sound Clip
2. The Water Is Wide Lyric Sound Clip

Scott's debut release, Different Directions, features 12 original songs. From the challenges of moving into another life phase in title track, Different Directions, to the frustrations of dealing with work-related issues in I Want It Back and The Last Straw, to the strange kind of satisfying loneliness in Silence Has A Music Of Its Own, Scott's songs capture common experiences that are easily relatable.

The CD is available at Scott's concerts, online at CD Baby and for download at iTunes!

Different Directions Lyrics and Sound Clips:

1. Too Few Hellos, Too Many Goodbyes Lyric Sound Clip
2. Different Directions Lyric Sound Clip
3. The Last Straw Lyric Sound Clip
4. I Want It Back Lyric Sound Clip
5. Silent Scream Lyric Sound Clip
6. 1000 Miles Away Lyric Sound Clip
7. Marcie's Song Lyric Sound Clip
8. Lazy Day Lyric Sound Clip
9. Hey Girl Lyric Sound Clip
10. The Wrong Side Of The Tracks Lyric Sound Clip
11. Try As I Do Lyric Sound Clip
12. Silence Has A Music Of Its Own Lyric Sound Clip

Different Directions is the culmination of an enormous effort-- It took 2 years to record it and 10 years to write it. The majority of the songs were written within the past 5 years or so, with the title track actually written as one of the last songs for the CD.

All of the recording, mixing, mastering and artwork was done in Scott's home studio. Scott's friend Bill Pere introduced him to the world of digital home recording-- Thanks to Bill for all the help and advice.

A very special thank you goes out to Steve Chapin who added a whole new dimension to 8 of the 12 tracks on the CD with some phenomenal keyboard work. Thank you for all of the strings, horns and piano work.

Also, thanks to Wayne Kessler (harmonica on The Last Straw), Timothy Shneier (piano on I Want It Back) and Dave Underwood (piano on Silence Has A Music Of Its Own).