Scott Sivakoff

Chapin Music


Scott performing "Sniper" at Ovens Park with Steve Chapin, Tom Chapin, Big John Wallace and Tim Ackerman.

Scott's Chapin Music tribute shows feature the music of Harry Chapin. In the spirit of Harry's legacy, the shows are always benefits to social causes.

The content of the shows range from Harry's well known hits (Cat's In The Cradle, Taxi, 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas, etc.) to some more obscure songs of Harry's. Scott also has been known to perform one or two of Harry's unreleased songs at various performances.

Scott has performed with some of the original members of Harry's band (Ron Palmer, Big John Wallace, Howard Fields, Steve Chapin and Tom Chapin). Each summer, Scott performs at Ovens Park in Nova Scotia, Canada at the Chapin Family Weekend. The park is owned and operated by Steve Chapin.

On most Sunday evenings, Scott performs free online Chapin tribute concerts. For more information about how to log on, see